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[Doujinshi] Black tea, Popcicle and Summer's dream by AGP

Alright, so here's a scan that I couldn't help but do in order to contribute to the Sweethearts Week in the USUK comm!  I may translate this later but for now I will just post the RAW here!  If you want the Mediafire link, you may have to ask someone else to upload it for you because quite frankly, the island's internet here hates Mediafire and hates uploading anything to it, so I was forced to use MegaUpload.  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! :')  

Title: Black tea, Popcicle and Summer's dream (紅茶とアイスキャンディと夏の夢) [Thank you derpmaid !]
Circle: AGP
Pairing: America/England, Japan, Sealand, and China appears
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 36
Summary: America and England both stay over at Japan's house along with Sealand and America finds England sleeping, finding it rather adorable.  Lots of fluff ensues.  America also seems to have a fascination with licking/sucking popsicles in this.
Notes: Alright, so all the pages are fixed and also there is an uploaded RAR version!  I hope you guys enjoy! :')

Please do not redistribute, claim as your own, use as icon, do any other random stuff you can think of without permission!  Please feel free to translate though [especially since I have other translating projects I'm doing].  Also, please give credit where it's due!  Comments are much appreciated if downloaded. :') 

Cross-posted to usxuk .
Tags: -america, -china, -england, -japan, -sealand, doujinshi: raw

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