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[Group Buys] Hetalia OneCoins and Straps (Open)

Hello everybody! I'm going to hosting three group buys, the one coin figures and the rubber straps. I'm buying and the rest from AmiAmi. I've never hosted them but I'll try my hardest! I am taking multiple orders.
Maybe you guys wanted at least some feedback as a buyer from me ^^;...[link]

Paypal only! International buyers welcome!

I found out about Paypal fees so leave in the comments who you want, and my paypal is:, and make sure to check it as "gift" when you send payment
Please tell me if you want to pay the fees though.
Only send me payment if your order is in the current shipment! I can't guarantee we'll have enough people for your shipment, sorry!

Please also send me your address so I know where to ship!

You may put items on hold!
Hold Policy: If you don't respond back with a reason you still want your item on hold  after 3 days, I'll have to move on to the next person, sorry!

And feel free to ask me any questions you have! I'm a beginner at this!

If you want to cancel your order please tell me as soon as possible!

Shipping (roughly within USA):
$ 3 - per item
$ 4 - 1 strap and 1 figure
$ 5 - 2 items

Shipping (roughly internationally):
$ 3.50 - per item
$ 4.50 - 1 strap and 1 figure
$ 5.50 - 2 items

I will ship them First-Class in bubble wrap packets with more bubble wrap on them! :3

Orange - Paid their part
Blue - Need to pay still
Green - On hold
Black - In line
Purple - Needed to fill order
Grey - Fully completed order, waiting for items to arrive
Striked Out - Shipped!

Please leave me feedback if it's not too much to ask!: [here]

Ok the first arriving May: The third shipment has been preordered!

One Coin Figure Collection: Hetalia Vol. 1

Each Figure:
(without shipping)

China: eifuonthenet, arachnes_web, iroh_fancier
America: atarimoon, luckyasteroid, taure, arachnes_web, tamaki_holic, kitgal421
England: atarimoon, acqua_toffana,
semebay, shiroyukihime
Russia: daily_ruse, arachnes_web, tamaki_holic, atarimoon
France: rooftop_scenery, plastrons, alannahpwsnyou
Japan: santeelegs, arachnes_web
Italy: sciuraamethysta, acqua_toffana, pokexpress, snow_princess21

Germany: sciuraamethysta, santeelegs, arachnes_web, iheartken_chan
Secret (Romano): xmellocat, luckyasteroid, arachnes_web, yuichan

Here we go! The second also arriving May. Finland is the last needed!
One Coin Figure Collection: Hetalia Vol. 2

Each Figure: $8.66
(without shipping)
The secrets are half price

Canada: atarimoon, mintbun, taure, neko_hime_lj, metronomelody, manics_fan, tamaki_holic, yumberryfluff, fantasy_era, rirutu, shiroyukihime
Greece: majime, neko_hime_lj, ambientlight, atarimoon
Finland: fivedayslater, yondaimemyuu
Sweden: raindiae, autumnonmars, yondaimemyuu, gingerbreadmoon
, absolutehymn007, iroh_fancier, _mizuki_
Spain: raindiae, xmellocat, miruchan, marshallgregson, iroh_fancier, kitgal421, bratkitty84
Prussia: atarimoon, autumnonmars, dorothy_chan, metronomelody, snow_princess21, manics_fan, tamaki_holic, iroh_fancier, yumberryfluff, kitgal421, rirutu
Austria: autumnonmars, le_galion, marshallgregson, iroh_fancier, _mizuki_, izdaritarmani
Hungary: kimbnr, ceylon_tea, tamaki_holic, marshallgregson
Secret (Chibitalia): jadechepuff, atarimoon, marshallgregson
Secret (HRE): jadechenpuff,
atarimoon, smexy_cakes

Finally!  We're already taking orders for the 4th shipment!
Rubber Strap Collection: Hetalia vol 1

Each Strap: $6.60
(without shipping)

Italy: bosscookie, raz2b, yuichan
Germany: infinityandaday,
raz2b, ceshyr
Japan: majime, raz2b, arachnes_web
France: kurukurumaki, chirigirl13,
ceshyr, havokpanda
England: thienhuong, seiari, tuxedodawg
, flyingmarimo
America: atarimoon, seiari, santeelegs, titanicfreak, flyingmarimo
Canada: ninjatomomi, talon_strike, shiroyukinohime, ceshyr, yumberryfluff, flyingmarimo, rirutu, shiroyukihime
Russia: titanicfreak, raz2b, flyingmarimo
Secret (Romano): pokexpress, arachnes_web, xmellocat
Thank you!

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