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[FIC] When The Last Bird Twitters

Title: When The Last Bird Twitters
Pairings/Characters: France+England (as young nations)
Rating: PG/OT
Warnings: implications of non-con Rome(or Roman soldier, however you interpret it)/France, very short description of France taking this out on England through inappropriate touching (with clothes on)
France ruins England's grand plans to taunt the frog, but something is amiss. Terribly amiss. Originally done for the what_the_fruk 2010 December Lovefest

link goes to my fic comm thing twentysevenred 

It was uncomfortable for England, standing there, so much taller now than France who had nearly rolled himself into a ball. He may not have fully understood what France was saying, he probably didn’t want to, but England wasn’t about to have France moping about when he was supposed to be in a good mood for England to spoil. )
Tags: -england, -france, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk

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