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[Fanfic] A Question To The World [KM Deanon]

Title: A Question To The World
Author: Me
Warnings: fluffy bromance
Characters: England, Australia (mentioned America)
Summary: It's been over one hundred years now, and England doesn't understand why Australia isn't independent yet.

England doesn’t know how to feel about Australia anymore. Once, when he was his youngest child, his biggest embarrassment and worst-kept secret, England wanted nothing more than to drown the hyperactive thief in a barrel. It was easy to think such thoughts when well away from the child, but when faced with earnest green eyes and evil red ones, one kept ones thoughts to oneself. Especially after one had experienced the sharp claws belonging to said evil red eyes. England wasn’t sure what exactly was in the water of Australia, but when he found out what it was (which he would, god willing), he was going to congratulate it on managing to squeeze enough pure evil into a koala-shaped form, and then he was going to destroy it. And then he was going to destroy that evil bear, even though he wasn’t sure that it could actually die. Australia had carried the bear since England had first met him, and that was well over two hundred years ago, and the bear didn’t appear to have aged in any way. Perhaps he should throw it into a volcano, see if that worked, it usually worked when looking to destroy ancient, ageless evils.

At any rate, Australia was far too cute to kill in cold blood.


Tags: -australia, -england, fan: fic

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