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Help! I want to make a Hetalia Video as a School Project!

Hello! Well, I need everyone's help (if you can help). I am a high school student, and for one of my classes I am supposed to do a project. Well, I want to make a video containing Hetalia Goodness! Hetalia is entertaining and informative (especially the Japanese culture). Since we have to take history and most of students fall asleep in that class the moment the bell rings, so I thought I should introduce Hetalia to them. The problem is that most of the students in my class do not watch anime and Hetalia may not seem interesting to them because of that...but since anything that is funny is appealing (and Hetalia is hilarious) I think they might appreciate Hetalia (even though most of it is in Japanese). So. I am asking for you to tell me the funniest episodes or snippets you know (keep it to the school standard, which means no naked France or or...France molesting England...or anything with France, really xDD). Since most of students are studying American history, anything (funny) related to that would be awesome. But since all of the students have studied World History last year, anything (funny) will do. In addition, I was wondering what kind of a video would be a good idea? Should it have sections introducing the characters in the video (before the funny scene) or just a compilation without intros or anything special? Also, maybe someone around here has done a project like this and can show me examples?
Because Hetalia has rekindled my love for history, I would like to show it to others, and maybe it could help others to be interested in that subject as well, which, in turn, can raise global awareness for cultures (in some people at least. Like me...I closely study the French now xPPP). I look forward to reading your suggestions!

(Also, Mods if this is not allowed...I am sorry, but please keep it here! But if it is really irritating and against every fiber of this community, it can be deleted)

Everybody who suggested things, thank you very much! It was a lot of help. My focus has changed a bit though. Instead of "Gaiz, watch Hetalia because it's hilarious", I will show accurate, funny, and unoffensive clips that would show the events we learned about in an anime-esque way. I would also mention that the anime/manga does have inaccuracies (to those who might be interested in continuing on to watching/reading Hetalia). And I will definitely show it to my teachers first (for approval). Again, thank you very much for helping me!
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