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[roleplay] Hannover Paranormal Institute - an AU ghost hunting roleplay

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Hannover, England was just like any town originally. Quaint little suburbs, people making commutes everyday to a job they despised, kids dragging their feet reluctantly to school. It was filled with drama, with love, with hate, everything normal in a town of thirty-thousand eight-hundred and forty-two. Until one day when everything went drastically wrong.

Many could argue what really caused the disaster. Was it mere error or was it just selfish-greed? It could be debated upon for days, months, years. It wouldn't change what happened in that lively town filled with dreams that would never be fulfilled. It seemed like every other day, the sun wasn't out, but that was normal in this town where rain constantly fell. Drivers were swearing at the downtown traffic, women and men walking about to go shopping, everyday things. They didn't realise that just a few miles out from their town, an explosion that would forever change the shape and flow of the town was occurring. The explosion did not reach the town itself, but the radiation from it did. Instantly some people were killed, others made deathly ill. It seemed like in just a month the entire population was down more than two-thirds. Children, babies, mothers, fathers, it didn't matter, no one was spared. There are a few survivors, but many of them are horribly disfigured from the radiation poisoning and others are just scarred by the image of their loved ones falling to the ground dead. After two months, the radiation was seemingly gone, and it was like nothing had happened. Except for the abandoned homes and some of the houses destroyed, which were destroyed in the chaos that took place once people were infected and had gone insane.

It has been a little over twenty years since then.

The town has been left nearly uninhabited since the incident. Nearby cities decided to attempt to restore the town to its original glory. Recently there have been strange occurrences in the ghost town of Hannover, the natives and people living there have been rather frightened. This is where you come in. They need as much help as possible, so we are extending the need for paranormal hunters across the globe. There is much to explore and find out, and have even been reportings of possessions. You will be provided with a place to stay in the old mansion in the center of town, as well as some equipment to help you with your investigation. Please consider helping us out here.

The few people left of Hannover await your help.  
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