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Lukas Schnüffler

Last chance to submit queries for nation questioning!

Hello countries, micronations, and the others of us who fit nicely in a box in the corner. It 'tis I, Mr. Newspaper! I'm here to thank everyone for giving me so many wonderful questions to ask the nations. But I am unsure if they will be enough so I am posting to ask for more. I'm also looking for nation cosplayers who are attending Katsucon to interview. Information under the cut!

First order of business, questions!

Thanks so much for the lovely questions when I posted before! I state once again for those who do not know my policies: I will ask the nations ANYTHING, however embarrassing. You can ask innocent questions, too. All I ask is that you specify which country your question(s) is/are intended for so that I can file them away properly! You will, of course, get proper credit for your question/questions! If you want to ask a question, please check the list of question and if your question isn't on the list, post it as a reply/comment to this entry!

I will be taking questions until 8:00PM United Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, February 17, 2011. Please have your questions submitted to me by then! If you are going to the con and you managed to catch me and have come up with a question then, please feel free to stop me and tell me it so I can write it down and use it in my interviews!

Second order of business, interviewees!

I'm looking for several victims nations (that is, nation cosplayers) to interview! If you are interested in being interviewed, please drop me an email at We can work out a time that I can meet you to interview you and all those good things! Friday afternoon would be preferable but I can try to be flexible! 

I'm especially in need of an:
America, Canada, Japan, England, Austria, Prussia, The Nordics, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, N. and S. Italy, Germany, and Denmark.

Thanks in advance for the questions and/or guinea pigs~!

~Mister Newspaper (Austrian)

[[OOC: Hope to see everyone around the convention! I'll most definitely be in attendance at the 6PM Friday Hetalia Photoshoot. I may or may not be wandering around the con as Mr. Newspaper on Saturday. It depends on if one of my other cosplays fall through or not. If you see me, feel free to come and talk to me, I promise I don't bite!  Thanks again for all the questions and I hope to get some awesome new ones~! :D ]]

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