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[roleplay] sempreinguerra: NOW TAKING CHARACTER RESERVES

Welcome to Florence, Italy. It's the early 1400s, which is an excellent time to be a Florentine. The great Cosimo de Medici has begun to transform Florence into the pearl of the Renaissance, il Duomo's great dome is in the process of being finished and Europe is heading towards a new age of rebirth.

But ancient and dark conspiracies still lurk even during this time of new ideas and innovation as the struggle between the assassins and templars continue. With Italy rising, these conspiracies can only get worse.

This is the world Romano Vargas finds himself in, as do many others...

sempreinguerra takes the cast of Axis Powers Hetalia and plops them into the world of Assassin's Creed II, pitting assassin against templar. This is an alternative universe dressing room that encourages character interaction as well as plots. While there is no need to submit character applications, your mods do expect a certain level of skill in both writing and crafting a storyline.

We’ll be opening in early March, so as of now w're taking CHARACTER RESERVES. The cast is still growing, but at the moment we’re looking for people with experience in playing: Romano, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, France, England, Turkey.

Don’t see your favourite character on this list? Comment anyway, and we’ll see if we can’t find a role for them! We're not only looking for European characters, Asia also had a big role in trading with the West.

Click here if you'd like to know more!
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