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(fanfic) Little Al of Hidingland part 16

Title: Little Al of Hidingland, part 16 - To Help
Author: me
Characters: Ensemble. In this part: Sealand, Prussia, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Greece, France, England and mentions of Liechtenstein
Pairings: none
Rating: E or E+
Warnings: swearing
Summary: AU based on a Finnish fairytale by Lea Pennanen. Whole Story: Years ago Hidingland was overtaken by an evil wizard who imprisoned the rightful ruler into a place no one knew. Now one person has appeared with the hints of his whereabouts and a heroic quest begins.
This part: The Hidinglanders are stuck on the half way to help Little Al and his companions. But the flicks of differents wands might be able to help, with a little surprises and revealings on the way.

To the Most Resent Part

To the Beginning
Tags: -denmark, -england, -finland, -france, -greece, -hong kong, -iceland, -japan, -norway, -prussia, -sealand, -sweden, -taiwan, -turkey, fan: fic

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