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USxUK and FrancexCanada Doujinshi Sale!

Selling some USxUK and FrancexCanada doujinshi at pretty low prices! I am very, very much in need of money, so if you find something here you're interested in, your purchase would be MASSIVELY appreciated. ♥

I have circles such as C., Mukougouwa, AN, Wild Juliet, B*Mpoc, Empty, Afterfield Mountain, and 316.

Shipping/Handling will be calculated once I know where I'm shipping it to. I am shipping from the USA. Please reply if you are interested in any of these, and we'll negotiate from there. Do not hesitate to make an offer, ask for a brief summary of the book, or inside scans! :)

( Check out my sales post here! )

Tags: ad: sales, x do not use this tag - doujin

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