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[RP Ad] Restaurantalia - A literate RP

"In the heart of New York City, there is a reastaurant..."


In the heart of New York City, there is a reastaurant - a bold and risky culinary experiment by an eccentric bussinessman who dreamed to see all culinary tastes around the world in one kitchen. Five years later and much money, he found the best chefs from every part of the world, all wish michelin stars, hired the best staff and finally - the World Restraunt was ready to searve dinner!

Come and join - we need staff and customers to eat, there's always a smile and a friendly wave or a seat at the bar. It's a new, more cheerful version of the gormet restaurant. Plus... They allow their back rooms to be used for more... questionable purposes. Rumor has it that the owner has mafia affiliations himself (although, nobody actually asks).

This is a brand new RP with most characters free! Come grab them quick before someone else does!

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