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My 'Hetalia: Paint it white' movie review, with screencaps this time

YESSS!!! I FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!! *back pains from taking screenshots and editing them*
I've always wanted to do a review of this movie with screencaps and finally got into doing it, XD!! I have watched it when it was screened in Singapore so I basically know most of what they are talking about... Though most of what they said are pretty straightforward and understandable though...

Here in my journal, XDD! http://xdark-chainsx.livejournal.com/7092.html
Warning: HUGE SPOILERS!!! Also, crack, a whole load of crack...

Tagged as vid because there are videos included in my review... other than that, I have no idea on how I should tag this..
Tags: =group: all nations, fan: videos

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