Not Steve (xfadedlaughterx) wrote in hetalia,
Not Steve

FF - Immortal

Haven't had anything to post in a while, so I figured I'd de-lurk with a drabble/oneshot I wrote for my best friend, who is the Hungary to my Prussia!!! ^L^

Name:  Immortal
Characters: Prussia, Gilbird, Hungary, Germany, mentions of Austria.
Genre: Fluffy, with angst in the second half
Pairings: PruHun and Germancest (Oh, how I do love my Germancest)
Warnings/Comments: Character Death + Human Names used
Summery: Gilbert gives Lizzie one of the biggest wonders of her life in the smallest of packages, a gift that will follow her through life, even after the Prussian Empire has fallen

((I am immortal to you))

Tags: -hungary, -prussia, fan: fic

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