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An AU Hetalia set in a Strip Club

Here you find yourself in Haven: an island city once well-known for its rapid growth and optimistic future. Of course, as the decades passed and the cheerful future fell into obscurity, the society of Haven collapsed on itself.

Now, for those who know it, it's a portrait of desecration, disillusionment, and depravity. But the one thing it is well-known for, the one thing that brings in boats full of tourists, is one of the biggest strip clubs in the world.

Pangaea's Den boasts an unrivaled number of stages and drinks; though it's common knowledge that the dancers are the real attraction. The Den's goal? Have one dancer from every country in the world; exotic dancing indeed. And for one reason or another, many find themselves drawn in by their promises of hefty pay or an exciting new life.

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The Plot Character List The Rules Advertising

hope I did this right.
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