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(fanfic) Dimension Tales 1: War, chapter 8

Title: Dimension Tales 1: War, chapter 8 - The Breath Taking Chapter
Author: me
Characters: Ensemble. In this part: Main: Germany, England, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, China, Denmark, Hungary, America and Japan.  Minor: Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Korea and Seychelles + mentions of various else
Pairings: None
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence, blood, melancholy/depression, bad language
Summary: Whole Story: A distortion in an alternative world's magic sends thirty-odd nations to another dimension, to an uninhabited no-man's-land between five local nations. For their own interests the locals want the nations back home: dead or alive.
This chapter: A change for a break appears. Germany regrets his decision to let Finland go and takes action to help him. Something unexpected happens.

Find out if Finland succeeded

Or go to the Prologue if you don't know what I'm talking about
Tags: -america, -china, -denmark, -egypt, -england, -finland, -germany, -hungary, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -korea south, -russia, -seychelles, -sweden, -switzerland, -turkey, fan: fic

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