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[Fics] Sweethearts Week and a Deanon Dump

It probably would have made more sense to put these up on like, Valentine's Day before they were irrelevant... Written for usxuk's 2011 Sweethearts Week. In exchange for the late, there's also a kink meme deanon.

Title: Sealed With a Hershey's
Author: Me.
Characters/Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: G, Fluff and Chocolate
Summary: England gets a lot of Kisses throughout his average day, even when America's not there.
Notes: For the Kiss prompt.

Title: The Same Old Story
Author: Me.
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: PG, pre-established relationship, cross-dressing
Summary: After a mishap with one of England's potions, America and England end up as the leads in some of their more famous love stories.
Notes: For the Pop Culture prompt.

Title: Halley's comet
Author: Me.
Pairings/Characters: USUK, Edmund Halley
Rating/Warnings: PG, irrational fear of comets
Summary: A lot can change in 76 years, especially if you're a nation.
Notes: For the Sky, Sea, and Space prompt.

Title: Valentine's Day Kisses
Author: Me
Characters/Pairings: USUK, Spamano, Frussia, Turkey/Iceland, AusHun, mentions of past America/Belarus.
Summary: When Britannia is banished from heaven on Valentine's Day he and Alfred are forced to play cupid for Alfred's hometown.
Notes: For the Valentine's Day prompt.

Title: American Adventures with Canadian Money
Author: Me.
Characters: America, Underpaid Cashier, Overworked Manager, Random Charity Guy. Mentions of Canada.
Summary: In which Canada gives his brother some money, America tries to buy bacon, and an underpaid cashier gets confused.
Notes: Deanon from the kink meme? It was the anything goes prompt... Based on this fantastic blog post
Tags: -america, -austria, -england, -france, -hungary, -iceland, -italy south (romano), -russia, -spain, -turkey, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano, x do not use this tag - uk

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