Vico (anubismito) wrote in hetalia,

Question about the movie DVDs

Hi! How are you? I'm sorry if it's bad or a stupid question, but I need to know...

I can remember, when the movie was released in the theatres, some people who made the review, told there were fragments of Hetalia episodes inside, right?
Few days ago, the RAW link was posted here: and This version doesn't have the episodes inside but has an awesome ending!! (i won't tell for these who didn't watch it yet).
Now, the movie was recently subtitled in Spanish (by Aino Fansub), I watched it, but I noticed there are the episodes inside and the ending is different! isn't that cool as the raw posted here (I also noticed that some scenes are alittle bit modified too)...
All I can think is that there were released two different versions of the movie,,, but I don't know why...

Do you know?? 

Thank you,
Tags: anime: movie, community: q&a

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