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A NEW START - Hetalia human AU on MSN!


Consider yourself invited to A New Start, a reopened Hetalia AU roleplay!

The premise is simple. All of your favorite nations are regular humans, immigrants from every country living together in the big city known as Jonestown, located in fabulous New York! This is a place where dreams are made, relationships are accumulated and friendships are had. In a city where you can go from a 5 star dining restaurant to a shady park with drug deals going down and everything in-between in a matter of minutes, it's attracted quite the cast of people from all over the globe.

And so where will you fit in a city known to make people invisible?

This is an MSN based roleplay dependent on life-to-life interactions (as in, the characters aren't just talking online together) with a pretty open plot!

We go by real time, although that's rather flexible. There will be events here and there, group roleplays, and the like. We encourage it as a way for Hetalia characters that may not have anything in common at all to finally have a blank slate where everyone can mingle and get along freely!

Since we are recently reopened, there are plenty of free characters, including America, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, and Latvia just to name a few! We also accept original country characters, all non Hetalia countries currently open!

To read more and learn how to join, visit our main site, where there is a handy list of links to everything you will ever need just about everywhere!

Don't have a deviantArt account? Well, that's not an excuse! You can also sign up via LJ! The bulk of our information and such is on deviantArt, so you are highly encouraged if you have one to sign up from there though!

Main Site ; Rules ; Basic Info/How to Join for LJ ; Current Members ; Reservations List (on dA)/(on LJ) ; Application Forms (on dA)/(on LJ)
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