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[Roleplay] Neo World Academy W


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     Welcome to Neo World Academy W! We are a literate Gakuen Hetalia roleplaying community, using a forum as well as a msn chat. Nation-tans are all normal human beings and the academy is placed in a real world settings.

     The academy's campus is composed of classrooms, fields and a dorm. The students can also hang out off-campus. Events are held on special occasions. Alcohol and inappropriate material are strictly prohibited within the campus (like we follow the rules.) Student behaviors are observed and rules are enforced (As if the teachers were good examples.). Our student's safety comes above everything (however some students are more dangerous than what you would think!). We're making sure all our students are outstanding.

    We are welcoming new teachers and students for our grand opening! We are a friendly community formed on the old forum World Academy W, its members working as a team to build our new home(our banner, as an example, was drawn by our South Korea/[info]fourteen_kites ). We put all our efforts in this to make it the most enjoyable rp ever! Don't hesitate to approach us and join the fun! (don't be shy, we don't bite.) Roleplayers from all over the world are welcomed, we already have people from most continents. A lot of canon are still available, especially European nations. OCs are welcomed too.

Tuition fees and dorm fees are fully covered! What are you waiting for? Comment on the next 4 mins you will get not just one but two (yes two you heard it!), two Shinatty plushies absolutely free!

We are waiting for your arrival
Sincerely yours
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