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[Fanfic] Fanfic dump: Wherever You Will Go, The Monkey's Paw, Fallen Angel

Whew, I've got three new updates ready to be read for three different stories. Please enjoy!

Title: The Monkey's Paw
Pairing/Characters: None, Canada, America
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Summary: When Alfred and Matthew stumble upon a mysterious shop, Alfred somehow manages to obtain the cursed Monkey's Paw. When he finds out of it's wishing powers, he foolishly he uses it, not knowing of the dangers that come. Oh, Alfred, what have you done? AU

Chapter 1

New Chapter

Title: Wherever You Will Go
Pairing/Characters: US/Can, US/?, US, Canada
Warnings: Death
Rating: T
Summary: When his boyfriend suddenly dies, Alfred slowly falls into an unyielding pit of despair, believing he is at fault for the untimely death. As he mourns, he unexpectedly finds a small bird in need of help, a bird with violet eyes, the very same as Matthew's.

Chapter 1

New Chapter

Title: Fallen Angel
Pairing/Characters: US/Can, US, Canada
Warnings: Nothing so far
Rating: T
Summary: I'm just an average boy. I have an average life and average looks. I'm average, average, average. There's no way I could be one of them. There's no way that I, Matthew Williams, average boy extraordinaire, am an angel...But I am, aren't I? I am an angel.

Chapter 1
Tags: -america, -canada, fan: fic

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