changeableheart (changeableheart) wrote in hetalia,

[Event] Zenkaikon V Photoshoot

Since someone had posted asking about this, here, have a formal announcement...

There'll be a Hetalia cosplay shoot next month at Zenkaikon, held in lovely King of Prussia, PA. So far we plan to have it on the hill outside the convention center, down the way from Valley Forge. I will say that I was told last year they were kicked to the side for a wedding that was taking place there, but let's assume that's not going to happen again...

It will be held Saturday, though no exact time has been decided, as we're waiting on the panel schedule. (As you can imagine, a few of us do wanna see Todd Haberkorn...)

So... I suppose if you plan to go then shout it out here...! Then go join in the thread here, where there is continued planning and a list of who we have so far character-wise. Myself, I'll be going as Bulgaria not that anyone cares about him.
Tags: fan: cosplay, fan: events

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