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[Roleplaying Ad] APHpluks!

We're a not-so-new group of rpers, and we use Plurk, a site that works pretty much in a similar way to twitter, allowing quick, easy-going RPing as well as OOC conversations. We're looking for new members, who will be active and stay IC! Don't be scared, we're a chilly, welcoming group, as long as you follow the rules. A modern-day set RP, where nations are free to do what they do best, get molested by France cause trouble, chase after love, deal with their bosses, paperwork, and whatever other plot you have in mind!

We have tons of empty spots such as England(!), Turkey(!), Greece, Estonia(!), Seychelles, Sweden(!)... Feel free to look around and join us~! We also accept OCs, as well as Ancient nations. What are you waiting for? Follow the links!
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