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Commissions: Bottlecap Flag Charms

Hey, everyone~ For a while now I've been making flag charms out of soda caps for some friends, and they suggested that I start commissioning them, so I thought I'd start here~ :DD (mods, you can totally delete this if it's not allowed)

Here are some pictures to show what kind of stuff I've done: 

I can also paint "pairings" - that is, two flags on one bottlecap. I've even had a couple people ask for a pairing triangle before, so the sky's the limit :DD

As far as pricing goes, Paypal is preferred (it's If you don't have a paypal and still want to buy one, just message me and we'll work something out~ :DD

Regular charm: $5
Pairing/pairing triangle charm: $6

Let me know if you're interested! <3
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