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[Event & Cosplay] Midlands MCM Expo! (+USUK photoshoot)

 Title: Midlands MCM Expo, England.
Author/Artist: Most of the photographs were taken by destinyshiva), England (cosplayed by riankah), Chibirisu (cosplayed by chairofbusby ) and a Belarus, Spain, two Canadas, a Russia, and a Lithuania that I don't know the LJs or DAs of XD. Let me know, so I can credit you?
Ratings: PG.
Warnings: USUK and Rapist!Turtles. AND SCONES. Oh, and VERY IMAGE HEAVY.
Summary: Basically, it's America's (aka my) adventures at the Midlands MCM Expo in Telford, England. I ran into a lot of lovely people, got lots of hugs, and met a wonderful England cosplayer and her wonderful paparazzi chibi!friend that kidnapped me from my friends, forced me into a USUK photoshoot, and fed me scones. Ah, life is good :'D.

...Also... I hope to hell the LJ cut works, because the preview isn't showing it as working...;; ACK.



Let's get this on the road, shall we? :3.

Mochi love, scones, and Flying Mint Bunny. Can it really get any better?  

Ah, this Canada. Their cosplay was really, really good - but I kept running into them xD. I wasn't stalking you, I swear x3!

Beautiful, beautiful Belarus. Her costume was amazing x3.

...Which is why I'm glad this picture exists. Let's fly the flags proudly~

Yes, Rapist!Turtle. And Shteve the unicorn.

This is, I swear the only picture, in the entirety of existence where Mr. 'Who' stands out more than the Hero does XD.

Seriously, I feel bad that I kept kidnapping them.

*Reaaaaaaaaach*. (Wow, pink America lips are pink).

Which casually brings us onto the USUK photoshoot! It was really fun, I have to say. It was great to meet a few people from here in LJ at the expo, and I didn't expect to meet chairofbusby  and riankah  there :'D. I'm glad I did though.

They actually kidnapped me to do this shoot XD.  Thieves~<3. Though, with people like that and people like this, I don't regret it.

 My nantucket broke into bits *sob*. I would have fixed it, had I realised.

 Ninja mochi :'D.

 It's stunning how easy it is to get along with this person. I only just met them as well XD.

America has ideas?

 Oh, dear God. Not the scones.

Mean Iggy. Trying to force feed me that crud!! ; ^ ;

... CAUGHT!!


And now, some lovely flag x flag~


xD, you can see my crappy stitching on the circle and star.

And finally the preview piece~

That's all folks~! So, whaddidya think? :3.
Thank you very much to anyone who featured in these photos! If you have a livejournal, please tell me so I can credit you properly? Cheers! Similarly, if you don't want yourself to be here, just tell me and I'll pop the picture right off~! <3.

Also, if you have any other photos of the Expo, I'd love to see them :'D. 
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