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[Fanfiction] Taken (III)

Title: Taken (III)
Characters: Pirate!England, Captive!Black!Kiku
Rating: PG 13 (For Now)
Warning: Little trickle of blood, yandere
Summary: Sir Arthur Kirkland, one of the most notorious pirates in the world, took a rest stop at a small kingdom to stock up on food, supplies, and women. Little did he know that the defiant woman his men had brought to him was actually one of the royal family, and moreover, that she was not a woman.

Chapter 1: here
Chapter 2: here
Chapter 3: here

FF.NET: here

("I will kill you," he whispered, breathing erratically. "For everything you have done. Repent yourself in hell."; His smile widened darkly.)

Sorry for the delay!
Tags: -england, -japan, fan: fic

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