arinayed29 (arinayed29) wrote in hetalia,

Spamano Charmed Bracelet and other crafts of failure

Just like the title says ;A;


So I already posted most of these on my DA account, but I like sharing the love.

Spamano Charmed Bracelet
Huuurr check out my sexy arm hair, ewww

Tomato Romano Earrings

Tomato Romano Pin

Spamano Heart Tomato Pendant

Frog France Pendant

Give Big Brother A Kiss

Crappy Gilbird Pendant

Pffft idk Russia Vodka Pendant

This sucks

Anyways so I'm working on the next headband in my Hetalia Themed Headband series (wut?) and Prussia is next :D Spain will be after that.

So far I only have Romano and England which I already posted a while ago. If you missed them you can check them out on my DA account

Thanks for looking :D

Tags: -france, -russia, -spain, fan: crafts, x do not use this tag - romano

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