[Senpai] (xelijahbabe07x) wrote in hetalia,

"Of Heroes and Histories", an Axis Powers: Hetalia fanfiction

Title: Of Heroes and Histories
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia: Axis Powers or the characters.
Rating: G to M
Characters: Alfred F. Jones (America) x Arthur Kirkland (England) aka USUK
Spoilers: None (only if you don’t know your world history…seriously.)
Warnings: Cursing; sexual content; some violence; graphic images
Author’s Note: There are hints of national tragedies in a few of the sentences. Please take heed and read at your own discretion. This piece is not meant to be taken in a bad context. Written for 1sentence.
Theme set: Gamma

"Keep waitin' for an apology, British dude, it ain't happenin'."

Tags: -america, -england, fan: fic

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