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Fic: The Thing About History

Title: The Thing about History
Author: salientia
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Germany, Prussia, Spain, Hungary, Italy; cameos from most of the world
Pairings: Hungary/Prussia; some Germany/Italy and implied Romano/Spain
Warnings: Language, various (mostly oblique) talk of sex and kink; don't trust this cut. Cross-posted to prussiaxhungary.
Summary: On the importance of fraternal duty, the definition of "seduction", and conversation topics inappropriate for polite company.

( "But worry not,” he says with a placatory sweep of the hand which up until now has been playing Hungary’s role, “I emerged triumphant in the end, if by triumphant you mean shirtless." )
Tags: -america, -austria, -canada, -china, -denmark, -england, -france, -germany, -greece, -hungary, -italy north (veneziano), -italy south (romano), -japan, -korea south, -liechtenstein, -prussia, -russia, -spain, -switzerland, -turkey, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano

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