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Hetalia full circle Charecter intro one

hi im mainly a lurker here but i decided to post some of my (awful) fanfiction
heres an au fanfic im working on its a dramatic slice of life thing
Rating:pg-13 now will go up to R later
Summery:Eight people eight broken people all have a hiden trauma from a Russian addicted to meth to a Frenchman out for revenge for his brother
then one day the death of one man who all had known at one point of their life or another brings them together now they have to find the strength and courage to heal

One doller doesn’t buy much of anything
Maybe some dim sum a wrap if your lucky
Most People don’t have this issue most people don’t live on the streets
Welcome to my life
My name is Wao Xing I am homeless
It still sounds funny its not like im going to go some meeting and say “hi my name is Wao Xing and im a homeless orphan” you get used to it it’s a hard life but you get used to it
After almost an entire day of sitting on the side of the street I finally had enough money
“hello wao” said Cai the cashier and the only person who knows my name nowdays “Ni hao” I said back “so anything you want today?” he asked “just some dim sum its been a slow day” I said
I bet your wondering why don’t I steal something?
Well once I did And I learned. The hard way.
It still haunts me today.

please no mean comments it isnt that great
Tags: fan: fic

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