dizzytrickster (dizzytrickster) wrote in hetalia,

Ambrosia: A kinkmeme fill

Title: Ambrosia
Dizzy Trickster
Characters/Pairings:Greece/America (yes, you read that right)
Rating:M/NC-17 (though not until the latest one-shot)
Warnings: Sexytimes in chapter 3, and cussing.
Summary: Filled from the kinkmeme, the original promt-

America is loud and never shuts up; Greece is quiet and willing to let others talk. Clearly this is a perfect match. Anon wants to see America totally taking advantage of Greece letting him talk on and on for hours.

And naturally, Greece eventually needs some payback. ;D

Bonus: Greece makes him put that mouth to good use.

Fanfiction.net post-http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6773823/1/A

Tags: -america, -greece, fan: fic

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