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Artbook Arte Stella - first pictures

It was supposed to be on sale in three days, so it was a pleasant surprise as I got a call from the bookstore where I pre-ordered.

Please note, I don't have a scanner, pictures are made with my digital camera. I did my best but this post should be only considered as the first preview, I hope somebody with a scanner and more skills will provide us with better pictures soon.

The package looks like in this post. Poster is the announced picture of Allies/Axis characters in striped clothes.

The little round box contains a card set, out of which only the J, Q, K and jokers are new pictures.

Numbers 2 to 10 are various chibis, mostly from character profiles or old buttons on Kitayume (like the Nordics in sailor suits).

Ask for a bigger picture of any of them if you need it and me and my camera will do our best.

Most of the pictures in the Artbook are the ones we already know - from the blog, as extras, or from somewhere else - Halloween chibis, covers for character CDs, random pictures like Spain with the grapes, Liechtenstein in the green dress or Canada with America in the pub. However, there is a new page for every Axis and Allies character - the ones Himaruya was working on lately.

The military uniforms.

Also this looked a bit unfamiliar, maybe it's just me:

The Allies and Axis have all at least four separate pages and are obviously the main focus. Then there are color illustrations for Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Greece, Spain, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Sealand, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. I recognize most of them so they shouldn't be new if I remember correctly. Some of them are rather old, judging by the style.
Than there are various sketches that we know from Himaruya's blog, they appear rather random - Christmas 2009, Netherlands with Belgium sitting on chairs, Estonia in folk clothes etc etc.

In the middle of the Artbook is an index of the pictures with author's comments and a short guide for coloring.

Lastly, the stickers with new illustrations.

I'm pretty sure there are more new pictures, but first, I fail to recognize which ones that are, and second, I really think it was enough spam from me and my camera for today.

As for the artbook itself - it's beautiful. Although I know most of the illustrations, it's very nice to have them in full color and on good paper in one's hands. Himaruya and also the editors from Gentosha did a great job.

Any questions?

Edit:  community post about pre-orders, and looks like (in English) still accepts pre-orders too.

Edit2: Info about pre-orders thanks to raz2b 

- they ship internationally, but the prices are rather high
- pre-orders are sold out (It's possible to reserve it, not sure if it comes with the extra)
- they accept Master card, Visa etc, but not PayPal.

Edit 3: HobbySearch is open for orders now, thanks to[info]chulchinmae  for the info. sold out
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