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[Fanfic] A Brief History of Alfred and Yao (3/6)

Title: A Brief History of Alfred and Yao
Rating: PG13
Characters: Alfred/America, Yao/China
Warnings: Suggestions of Violence and Historically sensitive material 

I do not own Hetalia. All Characters are the property of Hidekaz Himaruya. 

The sun was setting, by the time the reporters finished their interviews and the photographers got their photos. Alfred blew on his hands as the weather turned cold.
“See you tomorrow,” The ancient nation smiled.
“Yeah see you tomorrow,” Alfred answered.
Yao waved and the sunset blazed bright orange behind him. As Alfred rushed back to his own limo a memory flickered in the back of his mind, a memory of great sadness and pain.

****************Nanking 1937**********
Alfred was overwhelmed by the stench of death and acrid smoke. As he made his way into the city his stomach turned at the destruction and desolation. Luckily many had evacuated, but his heart sank for the ones left behind. The rumors and whispers spoke of horrible atrocities. Wandering through the streets and seeing the vandalized storefronts, burning buildings and corpses Alfred could almost bring himself to believe the horrors. His eyes caught on a flash of red, black and white. He rushed toward the vaguely human shape.

“Yao!” Alfred called.
The Chinese man responded with a groan.

“Alfred!” Yao murmured.
He was bleeding. Wounds and bruises dotted his body, set off against his pale skin. Most notably Yao had a bloody gash down his back. Yao’s uniform was dirty, tattered and torn. His lip was cracked. He had gone down fighting. Alfred pulled the nation into a sitting position and offered Yao his water bottle. The older nation murmured thank you, and drank until the canteen was empty.

“Can you stand?” Alfred asked.
Yao moved to stand but immediately clutched his side and collapsed back down.

“It looks like a broken rib,” Alfred glanced around and noticed the body of a fallen soldier. He ran over and returned with the soldier's gun and first aid equipment.

“I’m going to try and wrap it okay?” Alfred asked.
Yao merely grunted his consent. Carefully Alfred wound the gauze around Yao’s abdomen.

“Alright, that should hold for a while. See if you can use this to prop yourself up to walk,”
Yao complied and was able to stand. He immediately hobbled toward the burning center of the city.

“Yao! Easy. You just took a big hit there,” Alfred warned.
Immediately the Chinese man turned on Alfred. His dark eyes blazed with fury.

“This is Kiku’s doing!” Yao growled, “Look around you! You’ve seen how he is conspiring with the European powers. He will stop at nothing! He has murdered my people and destroyed my city. I cannot let him continue!”

Yao seized and threw himself at Alfred. It took a minute for Alfred to realize that the Chinese man was crying, and another minute for Alfred to wrap his arms around the grieving nation. After a while, his crying subsided into a gentle rhythmic breathing. The force of Yao’s emotions had sapped his remaining strength. Alfred gently leaned down and hoisted the older man up into a fireman’s carry. He was surprised to find Yao so light.

“It’s alright Yao! We’ll make this alright,” Alfred murmured.
Alfred carried Yao to the nearest working hospital and left him in their care. He cursed himself that this was all he could do at the moment. He himself was only recently recovering from economic depression and the tensions in Europe would complicate any attempts to help Yao. Outside the flames reached up toward a crescent moon.

“Here we are sir!” Alfred’s driver stated.
Alfred glanced around, and realized he was indeed back home.

“Right! Thanks Henry!” Alfred smiled.
He gathered his briefcase and laptop and rushed into his house, seeking warmth and comfort. Alfred tried to forget how that night was a herald of the violent and bloody years that followed.

To Be Continued

Chap 2 http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/10249147.html
Chap 1 http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/10194706.html

This chapter deals with the Nanking Massacre. During the Japanese occupation of the City of Nanking Japanese troops tortured, raped and killed many Chinese civilians. There are confliction reports, but an estimated 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed during the occupation. The United States under President Franklin D. Rooselvelt, had sent aid to China throughout the Second Sino-Japanese war. Twenty to Thirty foreigners stayed behind to establish a Safety Zone and protect the remaining the civilians. The incident stirred public sympathy for China in the international community including from the United States.

The controversial and sensitive nature of the incident made this chapter a little difficult to write. I could never really do it justice and the event continues to be a sensitive topic to this day. The chapters get more serious and angst from here on, so take warning. Thank you for reading
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