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[fanart] Various things...

: *says above*
Characters: Spain, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Romano
Rating: G
Warnings: can't think of any :T
Summary: 6 pics, stuff I've done over the past months

About a week until spring break, I need it now so badly >_< I wanted to draw something summery and thought of Seychelles :)
yes my typography is sad lol

I drew this while I got sick >_< drawing anything romantic and fluffy usually brightens the mood.
for once I didn't wanna just draw flowers in the BG like I normally do, so I tried architecture :3


Somehow Ice/Liecht is just so appealing to me xD
since my most recent classes have pretty much forced me to buy prismacolor markers, I decided to play with them. I only used 1 here but still had fun with it :) It's incredibly random but I was experimenting for the most part


Quick sketch for a friend. She wanted a Spamano pic, so I went with a cute baby Romano cus I love him as a lil chibi, so cuuute >3<

For a contest over at the Belgium LJ community :) I just went with a simple 'Belgian' theme lol I've really missed using colored pencils >_<

annnd lastly Norway, Iceland and Denmark in those awesome sailor suits I love :DDD each outfit Himaruya drew looked so cool :)

Thank you for looking :)
I will be at Zenkaikon 2011 in King of Prussia btw :) It'll be my first anime con ever! see you there? lol
Tags: -belgium, -denmark, -iceland, -liechtenstein, -norway, -seychelles, -spain, x do not use this tag - romano

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