Melissa (mel_girl) wrote in hetalia,

[FIC] The Assumption of Lovino Vargas

Title: The Assumption of Lovino Vargas
Author: Mel-Girl//mel_girl 
Rating: T (contains swearing, etc)
Characters (in this chapter): South Italy/Romano, Prussia, North Italy, Germany, America, Japan, Russia with mentions of Hungary
Pairings (for the fic): Eventual Prussia/Romano. Others hinted at include: Germany/Italy, Prussia/Hungary, America/Russia, Spain/Romano, France/Spain/Prussia, France/Romano, Germany/Romano, Spain/Belgium, Belarus/Russia, Estonia/Ukraine, Austria/Switzerland and more.
Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Humour and could be considered a parody.
Summary: Lovino Vargas desired a normal life, free of supernatural beings. Only it seems the more he desired normal, the less ‘normal’ he got. Because his brother’s boyfriend’s brother happens to be a total freak, who claims to be seeking out the extraordinary and that the world should revolve for him. Unfortunately for Lovino, the extraordinary is everywhere and even worse... the world really DOES revolve around Gilbert Beilschmidt... [based off the Haruhi Suzumiya series]

(( The meeting itself wasn’t really anything of significance. It was the fact we had met that was significant. ))
Tags: -prussia, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano

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