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[Fanfic] The Power Of Words And Glasses [KM Deanon]

Title: The Power Of Words And Glasses
Author: Uh, me.
Warnings: Mentions of England's past with Vikings, Sweden without glasses, a fic featuring Sweden wherein he isn't paired with Finland

(It should be noted that this references and earlier fill on the KM, not written by me, in which Iceland gets out of debt by selling videos of himself being molested by a tentacle monster. If anyone has the link to that or the deanoned link, if you could give it to me I’d be eternally grateful.)

The Power Of Words And Glasses

“Yeah!” Crows America, eager as always to direct attention away from his disastrous and much-mocked attempt at revitalizing his economy. “I mean, it was pretty slutty of you Icey.”

Silence descends. America is young, and stupidly powerful. He does not ‘read the atmosphere’ because he lacks any need to. America stands tall and proud, even when hamstringed by his own collapsing economy. He is fearless. He has no enemies.

He has just made himself five.
Tags: -america, -denmark, -england, -finland, -iceland, -norway, -sweden, fan: fic

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