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Brilliant Sentinel--Magical Girl rp

Who are you? A zombie killer, a doctor, a wizarding student, a cook, a prince, a ninja, an anthropomorphic nation? Nonsense. In this world, you're a magical girl.


Welcome to Brilliant Sentinel, a sem-literate rping community. We accept characters from any fandom, as long as they're humanoid and you can effectively play them in this universe. It is set in an ordinary-seeming world, where the characters go to school or work at their jobs-- by day, that is. By night, you're a mahou shoujo-- something like a cross between a super hero and a wizard.

Once upon a time the beasts and myths of legend were defeated and sealed away. They became nothing but old wives tales; but the truth is that every myth and legend has a seed of truth. Are you ready? The battles are beginning again...

Interested? Reserve any character in the comments?

Q: What if my character is a boy?
A: You can genderbend them, have them be a boy in civilian form and a girl in magical form, or you can make them a magical boy similar to Tuxedo Mask/Kamen (from Sailor Moon)

Q: What type of rping will it be?
A: Mostly text based-- you can use longer paragraphs if your character is doing something that involves lots of actions, but dropping down to just a sentence or two when in the middle of a conversation is not at all frowned upon.

Q: What's the rating?
A: Please try to keep the bloody battles and romance to PG or PG-13, please! If your characters simply must get it on, please go to pms.

Q: How does the magic work?
A: your character has a power based off of their personality, their in-canon aptitude/powers, or just whatever you choose for them. An example would be if you were playing Misty, from Pokemon. She could have water-based powers, because that's the type of pokemon she trains, or even monster-based powers because she's a Pokemon Trainer.

Please keep in mind that after reserving a character, you have one week to get in your application.

Appearance: (pictures can be used to help, but please have at least a line or two of description)
Age and Grade (if they're in school):
Magical Identity title and outfit: (the names are based off their powers; going with the Misty version, she could be, for instance, Sentinel of Seas, but that's just their title; they tend to use real names when in conversation with each other.)
RP Sample: (Just a paragraph or two to show you know what you're doing!)

Please have fun and feel free to ask questions!

(so, uh. Anyone have any suggestions of other places I can pimp this?)
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