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Request for constructive criticism on video.

(This is my first post here in the Hetalia community (or any community on LJ, actually) so please, do excuse me, if I do something wrong 8D; )

Alright, so, Eurovision is getting closer and closer! (Kind of, at least.) And I would like to, once again, make a hetaliafied tribute for it. And this time I would like to finish earlier than two months after eurovision. But to do that, it would be nice to get some constructive criticism on the one I made last year. I finished it really late and it got removed from youtube, so I didn't really get any response on it, which makes it hard to know, what I can do to improve this year.

I know this may seem a bit silly, but I really did put a lot of thought into the last one (which is also why it took me so long time to make) so I would be incredibly happy if some of you out there would contribute with a little constructive criticism ;u;

Oh, I almost forgot, here is a link for the video:
Part 1 can be found here, on youtube:
Part 2 can be found here, on dailymotion:

I will link to the full video as soon as I have uploaded it >u>;

Alright, some of the things I would like to have a comment on are the subtitles and the intermissions. But other than that, I would also just like to have some general, helpful comments on the video. Oh, and I've also got Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 since I made the last one, so I suppose the outcome will be somehow... Better this year than last year. Hopefully.

I'm afraid this entry will be too long if I go too much in detail about the video. But if anyone are interested in hearing about the details, I will gladly ramble about it 8'D

I really hope some of you will be willing to help me in my silly, little project! c:

(Also, please tell me if some of the tags are wrong or if there are some, I should add :3;; )

Tags: anime: music, fan: projects, fan: videos

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