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hetalia painted world (role play)

Imagine this. You worked hard towards your passion your entire life hoping that maybe, just maybe you'd make it big time. Well, what would you do if there was a very exclusive school offering schollarships to the best art students in the world and what if one of those schollarships were offered to you!

Well believe it or not a school really has opened specifically for students intrested in a career for preforming or visual arts and they will only accept one student from each country to attend their school on a special schollarship. After jumping through several tests to join the students will be living at this school that has seperated itsef from any government control.

It doesn't end there though. Most think the students are a bunch of stuck up rich kids but it's quite the opposite of that. Students seem to come from all types of different backgrounds and many of them come from familys under extreme economic hardship or even hardship within the family. On top of that when they arrived at the school it wasn't what they expected. Tensions are high as frendships are destroyed by competition and racisem.

The story will never be complete, not with out you. So, are you ready to take the school by storm and show the world just how great you are?


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