FencerxOfxFate (fencerxofxfate) wrote in hetalia,

HetaOni - Looking for Roleplayers

God-Mods, please forgive me if this isn't allowed.


Once upon a time this poster opened a board known as Manor of Fate. We're still under construction, but the forum is near ready to open again after a very long Hiatus. However, before we open, we really need 1-3 members willing to play the MONSTER of the game. Since HetaOni's manor has warped time, more than one of these creatures is ideal. The persons who get to play get SLIGHT God-Modding abilities, seeing as the monster is evil, strong, and can't die, but more details will be given to those who are interested.

The people who take on the role of the Alien need to be able to turn out at least 1-3 posts a week. It isn't really a hard job, it only depends on how many threads you take on for yourself at once. But they would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone who is interested, please comment or message me! We can't reopen without you!

(Members who take on an alien can also take on a country if they wish, they are no restricted to only playing a monster).
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