Mirlin (mirlin1) wrote in hetalia,

[Fanart] Torn Apart Line Art

Titel:: Torn Apart
Artist:: Mirlin1
Character:: China
Rating:: All Ages
Warning:: None

FINALLY!!! it took me 1 and a half month to draw this line art but it’s finally done!! D8 and I'm a little bit proud of it.. X3 I almost never draw.. :3 but I think this one came out pretty well for what I do normally :3 maahh.. I real drawer probably find a looooooooot of errors.. XD but I don't mind.. XD I'm happy with it.. XD I probably will colour it.. but it will take me another half year to do so XD ahaha XD that is why I wanted to upload the lineart XD

it’s China :3 because I luv him :3 and because this is a scene from a fanfiction I wrote a while ago :3 He is looking at the horizon where the english ships that dissappeared with hong kong on board and China is like really sad about it.. D8 the fiction is somewhere on my livejournal.. but I’ll just give you the link to my DA XD:: http://punkrockertjuhh.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d374y67

Tags: -china, fan: art

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