novara_chan (novara_chan) wrote in hetalia,

Making and selling Mochi plushies

This is the test mochi the one I will be adding to my America cosplay he is not for sale.. HOWEVER( [∂]ω[∂] )
Mochi plushie commissions are now open. Character mochi's I have the materials for are Russia, America, Canada, and England tho due to the price of shipping and box sizes I can not put a hat on England

you can see here that he is quite big he is around the size of a football my plushies also come from a home with a cat.. if you are allergic this might not be a good idea for you to buy information and price are located below

Mochi plush are $25 with shipping I only start to work on plushies once money is received I do have pay pal so if you are interested in them either comment below with who you want or message me
Tags: -england, =group: mochi nations, ad: sales, fan: crafts

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