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A Day In The Life Of America

So, at my college, we’ve been set a new project where we are meant to show the daily life of a character, titled A Day In the Life Of. It can be anything, a movie, photos, comic, illustrations, etc. And I was thinking of doing a short comic (because we only have up to Easter to get it done, including the research and development) about America’s everyday life and the quirky things he gets up to with the other characters of the series. But I was wondering if someone (or more than one person) could help with the writing/story, as I’m not sure what setting I would like it to take place in (like the normal Hetalia world, a high school AU, fantasy AU, etc) and also help me with what the characters shall say and all that. I would also like the story to be humorous, but keeping it so that people who don’t know Hetalia will find it funny too, if possible.
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