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I need some help finding out what this is. ^_^;

I just got a new phone the other day, and was excitedly searching up Hetalia mp3s to get on it. I entered "Katsuyuki Konishi" when trying to get some of the Hetalia songs done by him, and while most were "Hatafutte Parade"s and the character songs and MKCs, there was something in Japanese at the bottom. I clicked to preview it, and it turned out to be a track from something.
The title was this:


Does anyone know what it means? Or what it is?

I thought that maybe it was a clip of audio from the episode where France is mistaken for a ghost by England first and then America as well, but even though I don't know Japanese I could still tell that while the situation was almost similar, it was still different. Also, it starts out playing some country-sounding music. It involves England, France, America, Tony, an apparent monster or demon, a fairy, brownie, and a unicorn... My only actual guess is that it's from the first Fantasia CD, which I've neither heard nor read a translation of. (I've only read the second's translation and nothing there had anything similar to this...) The monster/demon is the main reason I think it could be the Fantasia CD, but I still doubt even that a little because I figure England and especially mountain-destroying America could handle it. Mm... maybe England summoned it. Also, I'm not sure how to tag this so... Sorry. ^^; And I don't really know how to post either. >w>;
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