Athena (emokoi) wrote in hetalia,

Emergency need to sell!

 Hello all! i'm in a bit of a financial bind so i must part with a bit of my collection...sigh.

i am located in the US and have no pets ( uni, haha)
i use paypal and all prices include shipping within the US. if you're international, ask and i'll get you a quote.
everything is in new, out of the box condition!
The little chicken and sheets are my proofs.

i have a HRE and Chibitalia onecoin, bought late last year through a GO. i have one box which i can include if you'd like. i'd hate to see them separated, but here are the prices...
one of them- 20 shipped, both of them 35 shipped.  PENDING

A sticker set one one of my friends got me, never opened. features the Axis with some spain, romano, and prussia. 8 shipped with regular postage.

and finally, Germany's notebook. its a B4 size, so tis a bit smaller. the inside features two screenshots from the anime and tidbits about italy's cooking and something. never used, 25 shipped

China's CD, carefully opened, includes a China trading card. there is a crack on the Jewel case. asking 20 shipped.SOLD

If any of these prices are too high or something, feel free to haggle, but not too drastically as i aim to cashify my collection, not get rid of them @_____@ thanks!

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