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[FanArt] Ganbatte Nihon!

Title: Ganbatte Nihon!
Artist: Jhosee92
Character: Japan
Summary: Drawing inspired by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in japan.
Link:  http://jhosee92.livejournal.com/977.html


This was a quick drawing that i made when i woke up and found that a tsunami and an earthquake had devastated various places on japan. So i came up with this idea and tought it was a good thimg to draw but somehow it looks shitty to me... EDIT: i want to make some points clear: Sorry for making it seem so bad but i dont know how to expres myself very well in words and i only have a little months learning english because i talk SPANISH so i dont knew it would look so bad... Now i have to excuss myself with everyone. So sorry for hurting your feelings or something, that is not my idea u.u also i know people tehre in japan are dying so it was MY FAULT for not makin good use of words
Tags: -japan, fan: art

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