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[Advertising]Hetalia Charity community

 Hello, fellow Hetalians.
Most of you heard of the disaster going on in the Pacific and Japan.
I think we should do something, which is why I came up with that really simple idea; People draw fan-arts for you and you donate any amount of money to the red cross' campaign to help the people there out.
Of course I know some of you would donate willingly, but it'd be a good way to motivate people, and some artists who can't donate for a reason or another can feel helpful too, by working on stuff for other people.
This is why I created this community.
Note that this kind of efforts can actually be continued even after that disaster, and we can change the charity we choose to give money too afterward, as of now Japan and the other countries touched by the tsunami seems to need more help than most other things though so it'll be main focus.

Link to said community
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