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Hetalia Plurk RP AD


Plurktalia is another one of Hetalia rp that is played on Plurk. Our group needs more roleplayers and thus this ad.

Plurktalia takes place in the present time, unless we're holding up an event. Currently we have "mini events" going on, which means that you can make your character turn back into a child, genderbend them or turn them into an animal.

So far everyone has had very much fun, the only thing we seem to have trouble is the activity. Our roleplays can consist of drama, angst, pure crack or everything in between. :)

For example, Russia and Poland had nice little talk after Poland started dating Belarus... And being the good big brother he is, he was *this* close to killing our poor, poor Poland.

Ah. And we can never forget a jealous America beating little Finny up for spending too much time with England.
Anyway, if you decide to join us, there are only few things you have to remember. First, to follow the rules, and the second, to have as fun as you want.

Characters ~ Applications ~ Rules


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