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[Selling Post] Austria Cosplay

Austria cosplay outfit, includes coat, gloves, and cravat. Manufactured by FM-Anime, never been worn, and in perfect condition. Further details and pictures are located under the cut. Oh and the coat is blue, my camera is just infamously bad.  

I bought this item for a friend who was unable to attend a anime convention. For further pictures of this item here is a link,
www.fm-anime.com/index.php (type Austria cosplay into search)

This Item
- Manufactured by FM-Anime (please check them out they are amazing)
- Never Worn
- Size; L (Again, if you like the coat but need a different size go to FM-Anime)
- Shipping Only To U.S. residents (continental 48 states)
I'm asking $83.00 for this item, shipping will be determined in accordance to location in the United States. If you are more comfortable with buying directly from eBay, here is a link 

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