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Hetalia Archives Shoutwiki Downtime





As some of you may have noticed, the Hetalia Archives has been down for the past couple of days. Back in November when the imports from Wikia began, the shoutwiki server crashed from all the activity and they had to move to a new server. It seems that something similar may have happened again.

The website released this statement -

Hi all,

as you’ve probably noticed by now, there was an outage on 14 March, caused by a malfunction in our host’s datacenter. As a result of this, our host had to restore the site from a backup — which was dated 7 March. This unfortunately means that every single page, wiki and user account created after 7 March has been lost and needs to be recreated.

We at ShoutWiki realize how frustrating this is. It was frustrating for us, too, when we noticed the situation and realized that it’s basically out of our control. We’ve been working on getting the site back up since yesterday (15 March), but right now MySQL daemon process is having issues, and as a result the wikis do not work.

Our tech team are working on getting the site back up as soon as possible. As a result of this unfortunate data loss, we will be looking into building a dump system that allows the steward (founder) of a wiki to generate a database dump on-request.

Apologizing for the behalf of everyone,

Jack Phoenix
Head of the Customer Support Team

At the time I am making this post the site is down but we are hopeful it will be back up again soon. When it is we will do our best to replace the missing edits (the only major additions that come to mind are pages for Episode 100 and Osaka, the later of which's data was able to be recovered via Google Cache and thank god because that page was a pain in the ass to make.)

UPDATE 3/17/2011:

Yeah the site is down again. Any idea when it will be back up?

Jack Phoenix:
No ETA yet, but the techs are working on it to get the site back up as soon as possible.

See Also: Thread on the Hetayume forum created by HA's admin.

UPDATE 3/20/2011:

Yeah, the site is still down. If you are annoyed, rest assured that me and the rest of the staff are infinitely more annoyed that the site isn't back up yet.

UPDATE 3/22/2011:
Still no news of when the wikis will get back up. Here's a statement from HA's admin icelilly recapping the situation.

UPDATE 3/22/2011 #2:
The Customer Support Blog has posted this new update:

Our technical staff has been investigating the reasons behind the crash and it turns out that the underlying issues are much more complicated than we originally thought.
We’ve made backups of all the databases, but in the end we may have to reinstall the server’s operating system, which naturally means that we have to back up a lot more than just the wiki databases, and this means that it takes up more time.

I can realize that everyone, myself included, is extremely frustrated with the current situation, but I can assure you that our techs are doing their best; we must do this properly, and doing it properly also takes up more time than coming up with hacky solutions that may or may not work.

Once the site is back up, we’ll start hunting down the last remaining issues related to MediaWiki 1.16 upgrade (there should be only a couple left) and once we’ve fixed those, we’ll begin updating the wikis to MediaWiki 1.16. The upgrade includes a lot of new features and other cool stuff, including a few “in-house” things (that I at least find very cool)…stay tuned!

Jack Phoenix
Head of the Customer Support Team

UPDATE 4/9/2011: :D

Good news everyone! HA and our affiliates could be back up as soon as today or tomorrow! SW is supposed to be installing the server's OS today and the wikis will be restored alphabetically (A-Z). Afghanis-tan and Pakis-tan Wiki will be the first to go back up today while HA, Kitayume and Parkipedia will be back up either today or tomorrow or even Monday. Fingers crossed guys! This could be all over soon! - Icelilly

UPDATE 4/10/2011:

I know this is long, but I'd appreciate it if everyone were to read this.

The wiki should be back up anytime now. I thought I would use this space to send a warning. As some of you may have noticed, the old wikia site has a redesigned homepage. This in no way means that we will head back to wikia. This was done by a member associated with wikia staff without the consent of our admin or any of our members. (see note below). Basically, they're taking the info, both actual and spam, that is left on the site and is attempting to build it again. While that might not seem like a bad thing, to all the editors who've worked tirelessly back last year on that site and now on the Shoutwiki to improve the quality of information and navigation, it's like a punch in the gut. It's like saying "thanks for the work, we're going to steal it and make our own site to take visitors away from yours."

Honestly there are times that I want  to just curl up in a ball and cry. There is nothing we can do about it because the wikia staff has repeatedly threatened us (an when I tried to bring this to light, I was mobbed by wikia loyalists and the conversation was later hidden by a mod) and our only hope was that the inactivity would eventually make it obvious to anyone that this wasn't an accurate or honestly written source, but now this new look seems to legitimize it. If you're a fanfic writer or fanartist, think of it as you posting your work on site A, but site A is glicthy and has a funky layout so you shift your work over to site B and continue posting updates only there. You try to delete your account on site A, but site A refuses and gives your fic to someone else to complete, and they get credit for everything your done. I know that's not the exact same thing, but that's sure what it feels like.

Basically, I hope everyone will follow us back to shoutwiki when the site comes back online. I know this was long, but after a month I kinda needed to get this off my chest.

EDIT: Is seems that there was a misflow of information where this member was giving the green lite by one person in charge without the others being aware. The rest of the post still applies, but that particular sentence was just simply a miscommunication.

UPDATE 4/17/2011:

The tech team has taken backups of databases and important configuration files. The CTO estimates that we might get started on the recovery as soon as this weekend, but it might take a major part of the next week. We’ll keep you posted on this. –Jack Phoenix

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