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Some Fanarts/Auctioning My Art for Japan

I am quite sure that everyone is well aware of the triple disaster in Japan.  So without further ado, I will get straight to the point.

Some of you might have seen my art posted here already.  I am currently auctioning my art to raise funds for Japan at help_japan .  Here is my thread.  Please help if my art is to your liking : >

(To Mod:  I don't know if this post i allowed here so please delete if it is not)

Also, here are some of my arts (better sketches can bee seen from the link in the auction thread)

Title:   art dump (?)
Author/Artist:  Fuu
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Prussia, Germany, Vietnam x USA, UK (super tiny), Russia (fem), Hungary
Rating:  totally G
Warnings:  WIPs ~~~
  Note that some of these are abandoned sketches orz

There is no way on earth can a person hold two flags like that haha...

More sketches of Gilbert

Hungary disapproved?

Finally, an old old sketch of US and Vietnam

Here are some proper digital pictures that some of you might have encountered on Deviantart:

Female Russia (i love love love her design~~ puffy furry head band? totally want)

And the Germ bro getting drunk...on beer : D

That's it~  Thank you everyone~
Tags: -america, -germany, -japan, -prussia, -russia, -vietnam, fan: art, x do not use this tag - uk

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